Professional Summary

Certified AWS Solutions Architect with years of leadership experience. Designed highly scalable, highly available, and resilient cloud architectures using AWS. Skilled in cloud computing, information management, application development, web development, containers, and virtualization. Designed highly scalable and highly available web sites. Implemented Content Delivery Networks lowering web site latency. Implemented Disaster Recovery by replicating systems across multiple regions. Migrated multiple databases from on-premises to the cloud. Installed EC2 Container Service to manage multiple Docker containers. Designed enterprise wired and wireless networks. Installed and managed cloud-based Access Point controllers, managed firewalls, and worked with virtual networks. Implemented a live streaming solutions using Amazon Web Services. Managed and supported clients on a daily basis. Excellent communicator, team leader, and quick learner.

Areas of Expertise

  • Cloud Architecture: EC2, ELB, Auto Scaling, Cloud Formation, Beanstalk
  • Cloud Storage: S3, Infrequent Access, Reduced Redundancy, Glacier
  • Databases: RDS, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, DynamoDB, Redshift
  • Networking: IAM, VPC, Security Groups, ACLs, Router, DNS, WAF
  • Linux Administration: Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, Redhat, CentOS
  • Firewall: IPTables, UFW Uncomplicated Firewall, Smoothwall
  • Web Development: WordPress, Joomla, Laravel, CodeIgniter
  • Web Stack: LAMP, LEMP, HTML, CSS, PHP, Node.js, Python
  • Containers: EC2 Container Service, Docker, Dockerhub
  • Project Management: SAP Infrastructure: Peoplesoft HR
  • Writing Skills: Documentation, technical papers, blogs
  • Team Leader: Project lead, President of Toastmasters
  • Quick Learner: Constant learner of new technology
  • Presentation Skills: Meeting facilitator, seminars
  • Version Control: Git, Github, Subversion
  • Job Scheduling: Bash scripts, Cron jobs
  • Scripting: BASH, PHP, Ruby, Python